Viva Las Vegas Tips

Viva Las Vegas Tips

So I recently went to Vegas and enjoyed some 44 degree heat .. yes the crosswind is like someone pointing a blow dryer on you as you walk .. but I had a fabulous time and had the fortune of having an excellent tour guide show me the ropes .. here are some of the things I learned that came in pretty handy for the trip !


Vegas Travel Tips !

Get a bus pass … $8 for 24 hours .. you can shuffle between hotels or go check out Fremont

Get goof flip flops .. something with arch support  I scored New balance  at Winners for like $17

You can live with out Starbucks for a couple of days .. a tall cold brew was $5 US .. there are coffee shops in the hotels  that have decent enough coffee

Sign up for players cards .. you can get some freebies .. free play even .. some cards are good for multiple hotels which is nice as well

Hydrate .. you’re in a desert silly and no a jumbo beer you bought at CVS doesn’t count

Ask about Portion size .. you may want to just split a meal  *cough Hash House A Go Go cough *

 Never Gamble at the airport .. you will never win

 Sign up for MyVegas app  on your phone and on Facebook .. you can earn some  extra perks (food, drinks, comp rooms)

 The pizza place in Aria is better than the Secret Pizza place in Cosmo

definitely go to Javiers in Aria for the Lobster ( or crab or shrimp) Enchiladas .. they were pretty amazing .. Get a Pina Margarita and enjoy the fresh chips and amazing salsa too

Use a roam like home plan … wifi in some hotels are really expensive (TI is $44)

Go to Oak and Ivy in the Container park in Old Vegas .. this isn’t a tip it’s a must .. the drinks are strong and amazing .. and sometimes they try out some weird concoctions out on you ..   so so yummy

Buffets are a stellar way to start your day .. and pretty economical if you use a comp for buy one get one free !

Slots are not really your friends .. so be careful on the machines  .. don’t get angry like I did and keep putting money in out of spite  but…. If you’re playing they will bring you free drinks .. so know your limit play with it in people…Video Poker seemed to be a winner with us

Go to party city before you go and get foldable ballet flats you can put in your clutch for a night out

Try to fit everything in a carry on ..  you can get right off the plane and straight to a taxi

Don’t let the taxi drivers take advantage of you .. tell them to take the strip to your hotel , they will try to take the longest way  to get more money

Book a hotel  that is central to the strip .. and it doesn’t need to be the fanciest place .. I had a better experience at Treasure Island then I did at Aria

Flying out the beginning of the week is a cheaper way to do Vegas , it’s also not as busy

I hope these are some helpful tips when booking  your trip to Vegas !! if you need travel tips and hacks  click HERE