Uncharted Territory

So as another month passes of dating the boy and its nice feeling more and more comfortable with your situation.. it’s really nice to hear them say your dating and not just seeing each other so that’s a little more assurance to me .. it’s nice knowing that they miss you and they want to see you .. I can dare I say it comfortable with where I am


I do still have my moments but as soon as I see or talk him that all goes away almost instantly .. which would makes sense cause according to that 5 love languages mine is time ..shocker I know .. It’s really weird how much someone can have a calming influence over your life .. I maybe in some uncharted territory but I feel I’m handling it pretty good .. so now where do I go from here .. how do I know when is a good time to kind of move the relationship along .. it’s been 2 months of just dating each other .. I know he wants to keep it easy but at what point should I put off what I want .. if this is an equal partnership things should be mutual .. we have had the lets go away chat .. I’ve brought up coming with me to weddings July and beyond and it didn’t scare him off lol


I know this is a short rambling post but I feel I needed to update sort of .. after all the crappy dates I’ve had over the last couple years to actually just be happy for a little stretch is nice .. and I know my feelings for him have grown too .. I really miss him being around .. I want to see him as much as I can .. I want to wake up to cuddles and warmth .. I was joking a little last week about how he should just move in and I would save on my mortgage and he would save on rent .. it’s a win win .. he wants to organize my kitchen so I’m cleaning it up for him to work his magic .. he wants to set up my balcony with me .. I have already given him a drawer and cleaned up real estate in my closet lol .. the only thing that’s probably a deal breaker is my dog can be a nightmare .. but the thought of cohabitation does not scare me in the least .. and a side perk is my neighbour and me had a little arrangement last year that he never took advantage of and I think he’s a little jealous now haha .. kind of satisfying getting the “ shouldn’t your bf do that for you” .. K bye boy !


Anyways that’s my life these days not super exciting but I’m happy and I’m completely ok with that