Trip Around The Sun

What is a year  ? According to the Dictionary it is  “a unit of time that is equal to 12 months or 365 days”
To me it has seemed like a life time  and no time at all
 The last year has been appointment after appointment .. Months of Chiropractor and Physiotherapy visits .. 
The world for me changed a year ago today .. there was a storm brewing bringing with it some strong winds to a city that had little to no water that summer .. trees up rooted and the power lines fell .. The perfect storm if you think about it . I had dropped off my pooch to get her hair cut and I headed out to dim sum with friends in Vancouver .. On the way home you could see the destruction that  the storm was leaving.. I grabbed my dog and decided to get home  taking the back roads . I get the light beside my house , wait my turn at a 4 way stop as the power had fallen victim to the storm and started to drive .. To my Surprise there was a Big Black Truck failing to notice that the lights were out and that he would need to stop …. The impact from that send my poor dog  to the floor .
Since then my life really hasn’t been the same .. I’ve changed and I see the world Differently .. I Find myself extra cautious in the wind .. I am withdrawn and I need to work on being social and getting out of my house .. I have Driving phobia and That’s just not me .. I love to drive and  I haven’t been Further than an hour  in a year … I’ve started going to a psychologist  to help with what  I’m dealing with.. I think so far its been a positive experience talking to some one .. before id just go work out and unfortunately I have to learn new ways 
Over the last 365 days I have survived , I have shown my self that I am stronger then I give my self credit for , but I still have those days where I don’t know if  can keep doing this .. you just have to keep moving and working on your recovery . 
Life is short .. Make the most of it <3