Travel Hacks and Tips

Travel Hacks and Tips

We all know someone or we will be travelling in the new future .. For me its to Mexico , For some its a cold Climate with Relatives for Christmas ..

Here are some tips and tricks to make the before , during , and after go smoothly so you can travel well.

ASK – it never hurts to ask when you get to the Gate to see if there is any extra seats up front you can upgrade too .. sometimes even for free.. Or if your hotel isn’t empty maybe you can upgrade

SLEEP– If you like a good nap make sure you have a solid travel pillow and eye mask to block out the light .. make sure you keep your contacts in your carry on so you can put them in when you reach your destination.. A large Blanket Scarf .. Keeps you warm on the plan and the plane blankets are gross.. don’t do it

DOCUMENTS– Google Drive my friends !! you can access it anywhere .. even your phone .. put copies of your passport and travel itinerary.. Any Conformations you may have for excursions .

NEXUS – this little card has saved me from a long customs and security line many times .. well worth the $50 to get it !

SMELL – Put a Dryer sheet in your luggage .. this will keep things smelling fresh and reduce any static you may accumulate…. Perfume samples and travel lotions

SPACE – Roll your Clothes .. seems simple but you can pack a lot more in if need be , Put socks and underwear in your shoes .. why waste the space . Also to keep things tidy if you have an extra glasses case .. they are excellent charger storage! Get an E-reader or an E-reader/Magazine App on your Phone/Tablet so you can read without needing to bring a book … pill cases are awesome for storing jewelry

CLEAN – Keep your old shower caps , you can use them to wrap around shoes that would dirty your clothes …put a piece of saran wrap between your bottles and lids to prevent leakage

LET THEM KNOW – Make sure you let your Bank/ Credit Card company know when you’re going out of the country .. Last thing you want it to be At Nordstrom Rack in Chicago and get denied when trying to buy a purse …. Trust me !! Also let someone at home know your plans , just in case you fall in love and don’t return .. they can water your plants

CHARGE – Usually Airplanes and Hotels rooms have USB connections .. under the seat and on the back of the TV’s .. Also if you forgot your cable you may be able to ask the front desk .. people leave them all the time! Also DON’T forget to get a portable charger , nothing worse than going to take a picture and you cant

PROTECTION – Pool Arm Floaters or Wine Skins are always good to bring if you plan on Bringing Booze home with you Hello Duty Free!! Put a binder clip around your Razor to prevent it getting dull or worse getting cut.. Unless you like having clean sheets every day put the Do Not Disturb sign up keeps people out of your room , and goof for the environment .. Also mark your back as fragile , They may be nicer to it and it will probably come out first cause its stored on top of the Pile.. Bring a little Ziploc for your phone to stay in when you’re not using it … when you drop it in water you will thank me

BOOKING – When booking your hotel and Airfare make sure that you clear your cookies , or go incognito .. when travel sites see a jump in activity on things they raise the price .. Supply in Demand my Friends .. Stick with one airline/hotel to maximize points.. if there is 2 of you book an aisle and a window seat .. more than likely someone won’t want to choose the middle and if they do you can move over .. Always Google for a promo code you never know

BE PREPARED – Always pack and extra pair or 2 of undies , Your Valuables , Your Makeup Must haves, A Pen for Customs forms .. or if you need to give the Cute guy beside you your number , Your own Ear buds in your Carry on

TRAVEL BABE – Use a night moisturizer mixed with concealer to make a tinted moisturizer .. you’re on a plane so you have lots of time for it to work .. Bring face masks , they don’t take up that much room , always have your mascara and a tinted lip balm with you .. you can make sure you have a little colour when you land , or just glam before you land.. Wear something comfortable with pockets so you can have your boarding pass and Id handy( leggings and a hoodie) .. got a layover .. head for an executive lounge if you can

STAY CONNECTED – check in to 4square will usually give you the Wi-Fi password .. Apps like IFTTT will automatically post for you if you want .. or turn your Wi-Fi on when you reach a location .. Use Whatsapp to save your data .. or these travel apps Duoligo / Google Translate ( Language) City mapper (more than just Google maps) Trip it ( all your conformations with updates) Live trekker ( keeps track of where you have been) Timeout ( events and restaurant finder)

These are just what I have heard of or have used .. If you have anything to add leave me a comment and Ill Update this


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