The Chronicles of Dating Vol #3 – Realtor 2.0

Another Realtor Another Snuff

I have been talking to a really  nice guy , He has been super sweet and very much a gentleman . We went out this last Friday had had just over 4 hours of great chat , so much in common too  really felt a solid connection  too … Said our good byes , Had a cute little kiss and a hug  and still had some chit chat that night .

The next day we still were chatting and I asked him if he wanted to hang out again .. His answer was yes dear .. so I got kind of excited  cause I thought we were a good fit .. kept chatting later that evening and I sent a picture of  me and an ice cream cone , well topic changed to what else it “could” be haha … The first in our chats that he has been anything other than  gentleman like .

 Sunday I finally asked when he would like to get together and he gave me a shopping list of reasons why he was busy for the next week and a bit , I get it but if you are interested in someone  don’t you want to  spend some time with them , especially when things were said and open on the table lol ? ..

 Monday comes and I don’t hear from him so I just said.. Hi.. Simple and to the point . So as it stands I still haven’t heard from him .. I’m sure he is busy , but again if you like someone  don’t you want to talk to them at all ?? Maybe I am just over  thinking this all , as per usual , but  come on !!

 So I think this is the great Vancouver Ghosting Technique that so many of the Boys in this city use … Instead of just saying .. Hey I’m just not feeling it.. they run away like a dog with their tail between their legs

I think the important thing to take out of this is I really shouldn’t date Realtors any more !! Well or just date in general at this point hah!!

 Does stuff like this happen to you ? Do you have any good stories you  would want to share ? Let me know !