The Chronicles of Dating Vol #2 – The Realtor

This one may not be as ridiculous as the last failed attempt at dating but still note worthy  I’d say

Boy and Girl go for a couple glasses of wine , lovely talk , had a really lovely night … were talking butterflies kind of lovely . Seal the night with a little smooch and  a promise of a 2nd

Que 2nd date .. week later  the boy , whom we shall call the Realtor , came over with a nice bottle of J.Lohr red . My dog absolutely loved the guy , like wouldn’t leave him alone licking and sitting on him even while we were getting cozy on the couch .. We tried to watch the 3rd period of the hockey game and may have got distracted, then we tried to watch a movie and may have been distracted again .. you know .. make out and stuff to keep it PG13.. but lots of cuddling and hand holding and little kisses .. a fantastic good night kiss as well .

The next day he wasn’t too chatty but he is busy and that’s normal

Then Friday comes and nothing … Saturday .. nothing .. Sunday ..Monday .. then finally Tuesday  I hear from him .. Now this is after i sent a text that Ghosting after a great night was lame . The Realtor says he was in Oregon for the long weekend and didn’t have his phone on .. ok great .. fair enough  he forgot to mention that  but fine !

So i texted him last night with a  “So do you want to try and finish that movie  sometime?”

Around lunch today I got a reply

“I’m not sure , I’m not really feeling it anymore”

Moral of the story is … Some guys are Douches and I don’t need to waste my time… But seriously Bro … Leading girls on is kinda lame