Supporting Local Business

Supporting Local Business


So I was looking on Facebook tonight and I saw a copy and paste post that was really a good idea

Starting in October, I would like to buy as many Christmas gifts πŸŽ„as I can from Facebook friends who own small businesses 😊. Whether it’s makeupπŸ’„, handbags/totesπŸ‘›, jewelryπŸ’, wine 🍷, clothesπŸ‘—, photography πŸ“Έ, handmade crafts 🐚, artπŸ’ or items for the household 🍢 — Why not buy from those we know?!!? πŸŽ‰

I have a lot of friends who have their own businesses!! πŸ‘―

Post ONE link to your business below, then copy and paste this as your status, so I can comment on yours. Let’s bring our businesses to others!πŸ’ƒπŸ»

So I was thinking why not have a running post of all the people that have there own side businesses and why not help put the money back in a friends pocket Β !!

So if you have a business let me know in the comments andΒ I will Β up date this post. Lets support each other and help our businesses Thrive