Staying Positive when the Cards are Against You

Lets be honest … I have had my fair share of bad luck in the last 8 ish months. 
 I have had my world completely turned upside down twice by unexpectedly being laid off from a job .. one I was at for almost 8 years and  worked hard to become the boss before I was 30 , which is a big thing in the Building Industry. And the other I was at for 7 months, I was lucky that this one dropped in to my life so I wasn’t with out work . 
So as it stands .. round 2 of being laid off and having all my customers bringing up the first round has been causing a little bit of anxiety for me . Do I love my current job no, Do I love paying my mortgage yes , and I think the bank does too! 
So I was given 6 weeks to save my bank account . So I have been applying to everything and anything ..I have had a ton of interviews with companies and headhunters .There has been limited call backs and I have been told that I am over qualified and too expensive for most of them, That’s been pretty discouraging to stay the least . I have gone for a couple interviews with a company that  has given me a little hope but  right now its all I have  so fingers and toes are all crossed for that final interview..
On top of all this  I have got into an accident, so I’m sore and its just making all of these feelings intensify .. not the best timing but timing is a bitch  . 
So finding something to hold on to for hope and trying to stay positive when its just bad after bad  has been so difficult. I don’t think people can really understand something till they have been through it , Which I don’t wish that on anyone at all its horrible . I am trying to see a silver lining in all this , I really am its just hard to let go and let it be .
So I do appreciate all the help and positive words, I don’t think I could say that enough !! Just cut me a little slack, Let me vent it all out, give me a hug, tell me it will be ok .. 
 I will be back to normal soon I promise