Return of the Mac


Everyone has that one person they just can’t seem to get rid of for whatever the reason may be
That one guy or girl that will disappear for weeks, months , years .. only to pop back up when they feel that it benefits them the most .
 Once someone has excited your life .. what right do they have to welcome themselves back and expect the same treatment as before .. why do they get to disappear and not expect to have to put in any effort  to get back in your good books .. I have someone like that  just goes MIA and then will pop up and randomly say let’s go for a drink .. mmmm.. no sir it does not work like that !!
 Why do people feel so entitled that they can do this  and it will be a-ok with the person they ditched … wrong !! 
 My Returning gentle man did not like it when I was direct and told him  exactly what I was looking for and that I expected a certain level of communication ..  no exceptions and especially not from someone that can’t  make up their minds .. well for that  he “gave me some space”  the opposite of what I had said .. then told me I was being  hostile ….  Sorry .. not sorry  !
 Shockingly  we chatted for a couple more days and he’s disappeared again !! I’m sorry Sir but please don’t feel that you can come back in my life and expect me to want to drop everything to hang out with some one that will be gone in a week
 Before you feel the need to force yourself back into  someone’s life maybe take a second and seriously ask yourself how you would feel about it if they did that to you .. if they just stopped talking to you and then 4-5 months later they decided that they were going to be in  your life and it will be the same as it was before … not cool right .. well don’t  feel entitled to that then .. put some work in and cross your fingers and hope to the almighty that they even want you back in their life