The Manner of Dating

We are all caught up in this supply in demand kind of world and Online Dating is no exception .. There are so many options available to someone it’s almost impossible to remember the manners that your momma gave you .. This isn’t to say that there are none but for majority there is almost an ignorance when it comes to being a human ..


It is not hard to just tell someone that you simply are not interested in them , Or that you don’t think you are a good fit .. you are allowed to have your feelings and thoughts on the matter .. But simply being a nice human even when dating seems to phase some and that is a product of the world that we live in unfortunately ..


If you’re not interested now so many choose to “ghost” and just stop talking which really does no one any good .. we are all adults ( well legally under the eyes of the law maybe) and we were all raised hopefully with manners and morals .. so why do you feel that this is a good option .. Just grow some and tell the person you are simply not interested . Don’t make me tell your mom you’re a sleaze !!


We all know everyone on there is talking to multiple people it’s a matter of fact in today’s world that the thought of going through many at once instead of one saves time and effort but your missing on making a connection with someone because you’re not investing any time into them .. you throw your bird seed into a bunch of different yards in hope that you can attract a few to choose from , but when that seed is gone so are the birds and you are still alone


If you want to be in someone’s life put a little effort in .. it is 100% a 2 way street .. should the man have to say good morning every morning .. no of course not , is it a super sweet thing you can do that takes 5 seconds and makes anyone smile for the morning .. YESSS . If you’re thinking about someone then just say hi .. shoot them a text.. pick up the phone !! it’s really a simple concept that no one now really understands .. We all seem to think that the other person needs to say hi or that you need to wait a certain amount of time before you can say hi .. or accept a date! It’s really silly


You are all humans that should have compassion and integrity and online dating shouldn’t change that ..


Be honest with someone

Don’t lead them on

Be Kind



Not a difficult thing to do in this crazy technological world but it’s something this world could use <3