KFC Secret Recipe ?? Finger Licking Good

So there is a lot of commotion over this KFC recipe being leaked for their chicken .. This is what I have seen on  line so why not see if its close to it .. The word is its pretty spot on

Let me know  if its close!

2 Cups Plain Flour
1 Tbsp Ground Ginger
1 Tbsp Dried Mustard
1/3 Tbsp Dried Basil
2 Tbsp Garlic Salt
1 Tbsp Celery Salt
2 Tbsp Black Pepper
4 Tbsp Paprika
1 Tbsp Dried Thyme
1/3 Tbsp Salt
1/3 Tbsp Dried Oregano

Mix all Dried Ingredients together

2 Cups Butter Milk
1 Egg

Mix together

 Place Chicken in wet mix for 20 min  then place in dry ingredients and coat the chicken

Heat Oil to 175c 350f

Place Chicken in hot oil for 13 min
Remove and Enjoy !