Interview Questions , What to ask ?

Interviews are really a 2 way street .. yes they hold the power to say yes but you can say no too  you know !
I recently had an interview with a head hunter .. and they really are a good start. your head hunter  will  either have something lined up or will find you something .

So I got the call up the  plate from the client and they asked all their questions .. you know where do you see yourself in 5 years yadda yadda .. I started asking mine ! I took a post on Facebook and used that for inspiration on the questions you need to ask potential employers .. Like I said its a 2 way street .. you have to want to work there too  so make sure you ask the questions that .. So here is a list of questions I asked as well as some more that might be helpful for you !

Of course the usual .. Wage, Benefits, RRSP’s
What goals do you have for this position?
What made you choose this company ?
Is this a career advancing position? Can I be promoted with the education I already have ?
Why did the last person leave this position?
What is it what you like about this company?
What is the corporate culture like?
What are they looking for in someone applying for this position ?
How will this position allow me to grow and develop within he company?
Is there an opportunity for mentorship between senior  and junior employees?

 Hope this helps !