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Life’s Affair Has Teamed up with the Delicious Hagensborg Chocolate to give away this Adorable Hatbox full of CHOCOLATE!!

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Just for you this Delightful Market – Chocolate Gift Box which Retails for $20.50  

You know if you wanted to order one for all your customers/clients/staff  makes a Delicious affordable alternative the boring old box of chocolate that you see every year  


Who Is Hagensborg Chocolates other than just being flat out delicious ?

They are a Local Lady run business  out of Burnaby .. This Chocolate Princess started the business in 2007 and has been taking the industry by the cocoa beans ever since !   She “personally chooses suppliers who harvest ethically, from sustainable cocoa plantations in regions renowned for exceptional taste and quality. Hand crafted by her royal highness’s 2nd generation chocolatier and personally anointed with the princesses magic wand, each chocolate is made with the finest European chocolate and ingredients.” What is not to love about that  I don’t know about you but I want to eat good chocolate that is still good for everyone involved the process too . She Goes directly to El Salvador to source their cocoa from a local far to ensure they are direct trade ( which is even better than Fair Trade) Sustainable and helping the local community. Their motto is to #sweeteningtheworld.


 They have been featured on Dragon’s Den and Food Factory with their Peanut Butter and Jelly bar , Which I think they should bring back cause that sounds  kind of Amazing to me !! They have a variety of products that  would solve anyone’s sweet tooth. Their “Wild Boar” Chocolate bars come in some  delightful flavors Like Toasted Coconut and Banana and Salted Star Anise.. And wouldn’t the Santo Domingo 70% Bar be perfect in Wine Hot Chocolate .. or Brownies ..Add to Cart please !!  There Truffle Pig Bars come in flavours like Crunchy Milk Almond , Chocolate Milk Peanut butter and Dark Mint Chocolate Chip  

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So what do you need to do to get yourself this lovely little Gift ?? Enter Below

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