Good Morning Hello Good Night

It really is the simplest things that  girls fall for .. We are painted as these complex hard to read creatures , when really we are not
When  you start a new relationship or even a start flirting with someone .. That is when it should be the easiest !  I truly believe that everyone should read the 5 Love Languages it’s a great book and you learn to read people way better after . It’s Very Clear that in my relationships that I am primarily  Quality Time but  Words of Affirmation is a close second ..  and  that is what I feel I should explain .
I have some one that I have been talking too for  a while now .. never actually made it to meeting but he keeps coming in and out of my life for some strange reason ..  always tries to make plans but that’s it .. Listen Up my friend .. If you want to make a girl want to keep you around give her a little attention .. don’t go a week with nothing then leave it up to the girl to have to do all the work .. and when the girl calls you  on not being interested and tells you exactly what she’s looking for .. Maybe make a 30 second effort . It’s now been 4 days since I told  this guy that  I would feel more inclined to want to do stuff and make plans if I felt any interest back from her  .. don’t reply back with you never make  plans  how do I know you’re interested …. That’s the thing ! I don’t know if I am at this point ..
Same goes for friends of mine when getting in a new relationship .. they  are all googly  over a good morning text or a good night  message .. even if it’s something that you like  and are super excited about .. we will be excited too because you shared that with us .. but when you slowly start to pull away what do  you think you are accomplishing especially if you still want us to be around ..  when we finally grow the balls to say good bye to you and you then decide to be that sweet guy from before and suck us back in … then immediately  go back to  what you just were doing ..
Its mean .. Just be upfront and open with us .. If you want to do something make plans .. if you want to talk .. Talk .. If you don’t then give us the closure we need to move on 
We all need that regardless of the length of the relationship .. its human nature