Goals and Resolutions 2017

I have always been really  bad at making plans and goals for myself , or I set one and become completely determined to reach it … failure is not an option for me for some reason ! So I need to come up with some goals for the year ,  but im not going to set exact goals .. just categories I can improve my life .. I think this way I can commit to something without going in to it as “do it or fail” which is my normal way of thinking   . I am unusually hard on my self  so  this might help

Mental Health –

I’m going to keep going to my psychologist after my  “ICBC Sessions” are done .. I have  benefits so I think it’s really important to take care of myself and be kind

I’m going to learn to meditate or take  at least 10 min  a  day as quite time , time to clear my head

I’m going to Try to be less connected to my phone at night .. I have major FOMO and really nothing good happens after 8:30 9 ish that I need to be connected to my phone

Physical Health-

I’m going to get back in to the gym , I need to commit my self to  my recovery again .. December was so busy I did not give it the attention that it needed ( yes I still did the basic stuff.. walking, stretching, light weights) but I need to Walk more .. hopefully incline.. get more active  .. get back to my old self . I need to not be afraid im going to hurt myself more

I’m going to keep up with Chiro and Physio  to keep myself on the right track

I’m going to take up yoga to keep the stretching going ( going to tackle PiYo First pray for me)


I’m going to try my hardest to not retreat into  saying no to things .. I need to be more open to life and less Hermit like .. I think the physical limitations that I have had the past year really did a number on my relationships , I need to repair them .

I’m going to get out of my comfort zone try new things with new people


I’m going to be selfish , no more over accommodating a guy that can’t make up his mind or strings me along .. I spent the weekend deleting all the number in my phone that were guys that mean nothing that I would be come a push over to Impress , NO more

I’m going to get out more even if it’s just for a coffee or a drink , you never know right


I’m going to travel more , Even if its small road Trips or Big Excursions . IM not going to waste and opportunity to see and try new things

I’m going to read more .. I start books and never finish .. I’m horrible for it .. I have a kobo they don’t take up a lot of room .. NO excuses

I’m going to take the time to learn new things .. I have always wanted to master a winged eye liner .. now im going to

I’m going to put more effort into my business and my blog .. I want them to both grow and flourish  and grow