Date Like a Man !!

So many of us ladies fall in to the trap that is “relationships”


OK not ever one does, But after you go out a couple times and things progress it’s like a switch thank goes off and you are all about that “relationship”. Well that is until the guy decides that  he’s over it or not feeling it anymore .. then what .. your left in a pile of discarded goods  effectively causing some sort of damage .. Well Queue Dating like a man ..


You need to walk into things like  it’s just something or someone to do .. Whaaat ??  yeah  that’s right  something to do ! You probably aren’t meeting your soul mate tonight .. if there are no fireworks going off in the background then it’s probably just a date. So here is where you need to shift your mentality .. I used to get all excited and  plan out my future with Stranger X .. then ever hear from them again .. I would be crushed .. When you make the change your walking into something as like your just meeting a bud for a drink .. some awkward small talk and hopefully a goodnight kiss or more… Then instead of being all girl like and texting them when you get home gushing about how you had a good time and would love to see them again …. Just wait … keep waiting .. then the next morning fire them a quick text and  tank them for coming out .. and the drink if they  paid and leave it at that . If they are interested at all they will message you back  or would have texted you  before you even sent them a text.


We have all heard that guys are told to wait 3 days before replying and that’s  a crock .. If a guy does like you they will put some form of interest to you , Even the shy ones will .. even if it’s just a wink for a hello .. Something is better than nothing ! But if you don’t hear anything you have to assume they aren’t interested in anything more than that night and you should really move on to the next Gem you think you find. But if you can keep your feelings out of it you will fare a lot better  in this world of Dating Apps and speed dating , Especially In Vancouver where the guys are fickle and have  multiple choices ! Make sure that you have a few on the go  it will keep you from obsessing over one until they return the favor! This also saves the anxiety of over thinking  and what if’s


Why should the guys get to get out of this easy  ?  Take your Feelings back and keep them for someone that deserves the Love and Sunshine you are filled with .