Curleeze the Trial and Review

Curleeze the Trial and Review


My hair is its own being … I straighten it .. it will find some way to wave .. I curl it and it will fall flat and frizz.. Well Santa Left me something early to try and see if I can hold a curl longer then a hour or 2 . Santa sure delivered .. I had a shower and dried my hair till it was just damp .. I put on the band and got to wrapping my hair .. took me maybe 5 min to get all my hair wrapped around the band prayed a little beach spray ( I thought I would try something light first try) and went to bed .. I did notice that the way the hair is wrapped is neat and tidy .. you could almost get away with wearing it all day .. I would suggest maybe some decorative bands maybe to match the cute heating bag , so some sort of half lace and half band would be rad .. make it look like a head band at that point and your hair will be ready to go if you need to go out that night !



I was worried that it would fall apart while I was sleeping … But as you can see the band moved just a little bit and there was a tiny bit of fly aways .. my hair however wasn’t completely dried so I took my blow drier and gave it some heat , which I’m sure helped set it a little bit more.



So I gave it a quick little spritz with the spray again and took it apart and because your using inch .. inch and a half pieces you don’t need to break it up very much .. I was impressed with the initial outcome at 9 am .. and continued getting ready to go to my parents for Christmas .



I did a couple checkups during the day first at around noon and around dinner time (5 ish ) … still good ..And at the end of the night  I’m genuinely surprised that it was holding as long as it did


Such a simple concept and it worked so well .. I’m really impressed with this and I highly suggest everyone with   shoulder length hair or longer give this a try .. I can’t hold a curling wand or iron that long because of my shoulder (car accident) and this gave me no ache or pain .. just quick, simple, and curls


This is a Definite Buy in my books and it should be a buy for you too

I’m so looking at the cute toques that are coming out next week .. adorbs!!

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