Chronicles of Dating Vol. #1 – Mr ADHD

The Dating Game …..

 So you want to go on a date in the age of technology ?

All your friends  are moving on in their lives and  you feel like you need to  speed up the process !

 Enter the wonderful world of dating apps .. you can meet a bunch of people  quickly and close .. you choose one that you want to meet and maybe get to know a little bit better . You agree on a place to meet up and chat , maybe and activity after ?? Hopefully leading to another date  and more .

 Well that’s what you want to happen at least ..  I don’t seem to have that kind of luck !! I meet guys like Mister X , says all the right things .. cute and sweet , of course you want to meet him!

 We set to meet .. he said lets meet at the mall .. ok wait are we 16 ,  none the less I agreed  and suggest the restaurant , nope he wants to go to Chipotle cause hes cutting , perfect first date food  am I right ?? So we head off to the movies as we were waiting to pay for the tickets I noticed he was checking POF … AWESOME  I feel pretty great now ! Get in our seats .. start to watch the movie , he grabs my hand I’m thinking awe maybe he does like me .. Make out a little hands on legs , getting nice and comfortable and he suggests that I bring him home with me . I politely  declined .. he keeps at it .. I finally tell him that I am “broken” right now  , which leads to a big kiss and a comment , “Well that’s not broken”..  all the while he  was checking his phone for messages .

 Those messages were of course Tinder conversations . The man was having conversations with other girls while  holding my hand in a movie ..Having conversations with other girls while his hand was on my leg … Having conversations with other girls IN BETWEEN KISSING ME AND ASKING TO COME OVER . When on  is it ever ok to do this ?? I’m sorry why is it so hard to put your  phone on silent and just be in the moment .. So as we are leaving I call him out on his time on Tinder .. the response is that he has ADHD and has to check the messages  if they are on his phone .. So he spends the 5 min walk back to my car telling me that hes a jerk and hes sorry , tells me I’m cute .. Apologies again when we get to my car and tells me to text him when I got home , peck on the lips and hes gone!

 I text him that  I’m home and that I hope I wasn’t too boring ..Thanked him for the movie and waited for my reply … He texted me and Said he would call me when he got home ….

I hope Mister X is ok .. its been over 24 hours and hes still driving home